4 Copywriting Services Every Business Needs, Even on a Budget

At RedCore Digital, we know that high-quality copy and content marketing makes all the difference when it comes to digital performance. Our four copywriting services make up essential elements of online marketing, with each one doing its bit to shout about your business. Whether you’re looking for local copywriting support in Wirral or somewhere else entirely, we’re happy to help.

Search Engine-Friendly Content

From alt tags to articles, we provide high-quality copy created by qualified copywriters. Taking care and attention to tailor your SEO strategy around your business goals, we don’t just cram keywords onto a page, we weave a world of words that will attract, inform, inspire and excite – and ultimate, drive your website visitors to take action.

Content Writing

Taking care to distinguish your brand voice, we provide engaging content in the form of blog posts, social media content and everything in between to ensure organic interest and generate traffic.

Brand Journalism

Brand journalism isn’t about selling – it’s about storytelling, and your business has a story. From press releases and digital brochures to online marketing campaigns, we’ll introduce customers to the personality behind the brand and give them an insight into what you’re all about.

Email Copywriting

We’ll inspire your customers to take action by creating compelling emails and e-newsletters that are expertly tailored to their needs and interests. In a world where people blindly empty their inboxes en masse, choose a copywriting service that will ensure your email is one of the few that they open.

Looking for Copywriters & Content Marketing Services in Wirral?

Connect with your audience. Revamp your website. Grow your brand. Achieve your goals. When you have bulletproof copywriting, you can do all of this – and when you choose RedCore Digital as your content marketing agency, you’re choosing a cost-effective option.

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Retain Customers with High-Conversion Copywriting that Sets You Apart

In this day and age, we’ve heard it all before – we’ve read every cliche, metaphor and sales technique in the book. But at RedCore Digital, we know how to write unique, distinguishing copy that is optimised for search engines, enticing to your audience and consistent with the voice of your brand. When you finally have the right copy supporting your business, you’ll never get lost in the crowd again.