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The Digital Marketing Industry is becoming an increasingly popular field to work in, There are many different types of Digital Marketing jobs that require different skill sets meaning there is plenty of opportunity to become part of the Digital Marketing field. 

How to Get into Digital Marketing

Due to societal norms, most of society believes that the best way to gain high-paying and important jobs is through university. The issue with Digital Marketing at university is that it’s a relatively new field in comparison to nursing or photography which means it’s more difficult to teach while keeping up with all the relevant topics. 

One of the best and most effective ways to get into the field of digital marketing is through an apprenticeship, there are many different benefits to doing a digital marketing apprenticeship. Apprenticeships mean you gain relevant and hands-on experience by doing relevant tasks such as creating strategies,  creating campaigns or creating keyword strategies. It depends on the type of digital marketing sector the company works for. 

laptop and handsDifferent Types of Digital Marketing 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing means using social media apps or websites to advertise content such as E-Commerce, Music and television and much more. Social Media allows creators and consumers to connect and create brand awareness, brand loyalty and increase sales. 

There are many skills needed to become a Social Media Marketer. 

  1. Creativity 
  2. Project Management 
  3. Strategic Thinking 
  4. Analytical Skills
  5. Creating content for correct demographics 

Search Engine Optimisation 

Search Engine Optimisation is a type of Digital Marketing that isn’t as well known in comparison to others. 

SEO is to create content within a website to entice consumers to click on your site for information rather than a competitor. SEO uses keywords and search volume to rank within a SERP, as well as to ensure it’s created to entice the consumer it’s also important that the search engine crawler can understand the information on your page to rank your content. 

There are also different types of jobs available with SEO, as well as an SEO specialist you need a copywriter or content creator and possibly a web designer. 

There are many different types of skills you need to work in the SEO industry. 

  1. Critical Thinking 
  2. Ability to prioritise 
  3. Analytical 
  4. Web Coding 
  5. Content Marketing (Copywriting)

Content Marketing 

Content Marketing means creating content that aims to create, publish and distribute content to a specific demographic. There are many different types of content you can create as a content marketer, this includes blogs, podcasts and videos.

Content creation links in with many different types of digital marketing, depending on what types of content creation someone works on, there are both overlapping skills and individual skills.

  1. Promotional Skills 
  2. Understanding of sales 
  3. Planning skills 
  4. Technical Skills 
  5. Able to take feedback 


There are many different jobs within Digital Marketing, when beginning your journey in the field it’s important to keep an open mind and to gain experience in as many sectors as possible. If your looking for a way to get into the field,  the most effective way is through an apprenticeship this is because you gain hands-on experience and have a mentor that’s able to discuss with your tasks you may oversee in the future. 

Beth Wright

Beth joined RedCore Digital in August 2022 as a content marketing executive. Beth works alongside our clients to design, develop & execute their content marketing strategies.