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It’s important to understand that when building a business or organisation it isn’t just about the service you offer or the product you provide but the customer service and the brand tone of voice. The key to creating a successful organisation or business is to create a positive relationship with your customer, to do this you need to create and define a clear voice. 

Creating and defining a clear voice can take time, trial and error, it’s important to understand the way your business wants to represent and the core values the business has. There are many companies that have a very distinctive brand voice that took them time to create with consistency and clarity. 

What Is The Importance Of Brand Identity

Branding is the identity of your business, some may confuse branding with logos and colour schemes but it’s much more than that, with a multitude of different companies creating similar products and competition becoming rife the key to setting businesses apart is through branding. Distinctive and out-of-the-ordinary branding allows a business to stand out from the crowd. Brand identity is also made up of little sometimes unnoticed elements such as consistent fonts and capitalised letters specially designed into the name. Here are some things to consider when creating a brand identity and tone of voice. Collecting all prior representations of your business and looking closely at the positives and negatives, it’s important that the tone of voice represents the business’s mission and values. Keep in mind that the voice is representing a business and needs to be consistent throughout the website, social media and all publications. 

  1. Conduct audience research 
  2. Review your business or organisation’s mission statement 
  3. Audit and review your current posts 
  4. Ensure your talking directly to your audience 
  5. Think outside the box
  6. Be consistent

What Is Tone Of Voice In Banding?

The tone of voice is the distinctive way a business or organisation communicates with their audience. Social media has created a quick, simple way for businesses to connect with their audience and consumers, but what sets each one apart? With social media being such a big part of everyday life, it’s essential to stand out. Of course, it is crucial to think of what to say but it’s equally if not more important to think about how you say it and the execution. A  good Brand voice should allow the customer to tell what company it is just via their writing. Well-established brands such as McDonald’s or Nike have a clear brand voice and are easily identifiable to the consumer via their unique brand voice. 

How To Create A Brand Tone Of Voice

Creating a brand voice takes time and creative thinking, as well as well-executed and creative writing. The key to a great brand tone of voice is, to begin with, packaging and slogans. create a strategy for social media and online presence to create a fully rounded brand tone of voice. Unfortunately, companies are caught up in rules and regulations although they do play an integral role in creating a brand it’s important to keep creative. 

It’s essential to create documentation for your tone of voice strategy, keeping documentation allows the company to remember past developments and create plans for the future. Creating a brand tone of voice depends on the demographic of your audience and the personas they may be attracted to. It’s important to create a good rhythm, order and pace.

How To Build A Brand Voice 

Creating a brand voice and building a brand voice are similar, creating a brand voice is the beginning where the ideas are flowing and there is still time for a change, building a brand voice means you pick the most effective idea, the one that you believe represents the company best. 

It’s essential before building a brand voice to define the company’s values and mission, to consider the advantages your business has over your competitors. It’s important to ensure clear goals this helps steer your business forward in a clear direction. Effective communication is key, ensuring the benefits of your business and the individual perks of your brand are clear to your defined audience. 

How Do You Identify Your Brand Tone Of Voice 

Creating a brand tone of voice can be tricky, but how do you identify one after running a company for a period of time? Identifying your tone can be tricky but there are some ways to identify your brand voice efficiently. One of the major brand failures is a lack of consistency and unidentifiable branding. 

One of the first steps to defining your brand’s voice is to collect all of the previous work and review it, this way you can highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the current voice and what could be improved to move forward with defining a clear brand voice. It’s integral to keep all the research and paperwork for future reference, it will help to ensure your business is keeping in line with the goals you’ve set out.

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Why Is A Brand Voice Important?

Brand Voice allows companies and organisations to create a personality, every copywriter or writer has their own way of writing, it’s the same with a business and the products they sell. Defining a clear voice allows businesses to create a positive relationship with their customers, this can create brand loyalty and advocation, although social media is such a huge part of life word of mouth is known to be the most effective way that consumers are convinced to purchase a product or service. 


Defining brand tone of voice is an integral part of creating a successful business, brand tone of voice is the way in which a business or organisation communicates with their audience this is why the way you present your business is important. Defining your tone of voice can be difficult but there are steps businesses can take to create a positive and distinctive voice to represent their business in the right way. For information on our available services click here 

Beth Wright

Beth joined RedCore Digital in August 2022 as a content marketing executive. Beth works alongside our clients to design, develop & execute their content marketing strategies.