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As we settle into 2023 there is one poignant question looming, what trends in digital marketing are we going to see throughout this year? Digital Marketing has become the main choice of information for many around the world so it’s important to understand the next steps for this ground-breaking technology.

How To Identify Marketing Trends 

Identifying key marketing trends isn’t always straightforward but working in marketing means reading articles, blogs and news that can give insights into new up-and-coming trends. Marketing is an ever-evolving industry meaning there’s no guarantee something that becomes a trend will last a significant amount of time so it’s important to be able to adapt and change based on the audience’s interest. 

What Are The Key Marketing Trends Of 2023? 

1. Focus On Positive Customer Service

As commerce sites continue to take the internet by storm and change the way we shop it’s important to understand the importance of great customer service, with the decrease in in-person shopping it can sometimes feel like a burden to return a product or voice concerns about a service or product this is why it’s important as marketers and businesses to ensure great customer service even via phone, email and social media, it’s important that the costumers feel like they’re engaging with real people and feel understood. Ensuring businesses have dedicated staff for customer service with the correct training to ensure a smooth shopping experience for the customer even through online shopping as it continues to scale the globe. 

2. AI Powered Tools

As we’ve begun 2023 it’s been apparent there’s a growth of AI technology with a recent Snapchat premium update even integrating Chat GPT into their social media network via “my AI” your AI friend who you can chat with and ask questions. Chat GPT is currently a free service via a desktop and downloadable app, Chat GPT does offer a premium service for a cost of 20 dollars per month. 

Chat GPT has a wide change of skills meaning it can be used for anything from answering simple questions to writing content suggestions based on the specific business tone of voice and branding, as long as you input the information required to ensure the AI knows the business well it can help in so many ways. Unfortunately, as it’s still being tested and developed it can sometimes restrict the number of users at one time due to the high demand for this newly designed AI software. 

3. Increase In Interactive Marketing 

Interactive marketing has been around for a while now in the form of personalised ads but with digital marketing taking over many consumers have become desensitised to online marketing, meaning as an industry we need fresh and interesting ideas to bring the attention back to our advertising to increase conversation and interaction rates. Interactive marketing can be adapted from what we know by incorporating videos and music into websites to create a more interesting user experience.

Creating a user-friendly experience comes hand-in-hand with creating interactive marketing because consumers like to feel in control of their viewings and purchases where possible, one positive way to incorporate a sense of control and interactive marketing is to use polls and surveys as well as quizzes, as marketers we know that it can be difficult to get users to take surveys so it’s important to offer an incentive where possible. 

4. Social Media Influencer Marketing

Social media is one of the most influential ways for marketers and businesses to influence their audience to purchase products or services, although influencers began on Facebook with it being one of the original social media platforms to take off and attract millions if not thousands of users. Still, the days of Facebook being the biggest social media platform of the two thousand is over it doesn’t mean influencer marketing is. Instagram plays a vital role in influencer marketing that we use today, but it’s not where it thrived to its highest potential.

 TikTok has played the most vital role in social media influencer marketing, during the 2021 covid lockdown TikTok took the internet by storm with its funny dancing videos and soon grew into so much more, as users grew a following there was a potential for business to increase sales while everyone was relying heavily on online shopping. TikTok shop has become the go-to place for many users to quickly and easily purchase products seen and used by their favourite TikTok creates and it seems like it’s only going to grow more popular and influential in the future months.

Is Using These Trends Going To Benefit Your Business?

Unfortunately, we can never be certain what trends are going to stick for extended periods and what we may see influence the marketing industry in passing, but we can use patterns of behaviour, statistics and planning to find what’s working as an individual business and for there audience while following trends. The benefits to a business will only ever be as strong as the team who runs the marketing campaigns and the drive they have to succeed, when to admit defeat and when to move on to something new. 

The trends predicted in this blog are based on the influence the techniques are having overall, some of the trends within this blog are more defined than others and already have hard evidence to suggest their influence on the consumers such as social media influencer marketing. When discussing the lesser-known trends such as AI, it’s important to keep in mind that Chat GPT is currently one of the most talked about new resources for marketers and has begun influencing the likes of Snapchat and as well as other major companies such as Bank of America, Quizlet and Shopify this shows a trend in the use of AI technology and it’s believed it’s only a matter of time before it takes its place at the top as one of the biggest trends of 2023.

How To Keep Up With Digital Marketing Trends

Keeping up with such a fast-paced industry such as marketing or digital marketing can be tough if you don’t know where to start or where to look, It’s important to keep up with the latest influencers, news articles and social media but this can be tricky without the proper tools and team to back you up, having a dedicated team of workers within your business to conduct research into social media, blog writing, news and much more can give you a higher chance of success with finding trends that positively influence the business.

Apps such as BuzzFeed, Pinterest and LinkedIn can all be extremely useful and beneficial for gathering information regarding trends within the marketing industry. There are a much higher number of blogs beginning to appear online and influence consumer behaviour so it’s important to ensure you read relevant marketing blogs.

Why Are Trends In Digital Marketing Important? 

Trends in marketing have been around for a long time but with the advancements in technology, it’s clear they change more rapidly since the birth of digital technology and digital marketing. 

Trends are important in marketing because it allows a business to highlight there brand values and tone of voice and ultimately show the audience why its company stands out from others and the specific differences that may sway a potential customer to purchase from one company rather than another. Trends allow companies to highlight new products, and ideas in diversified ways. 


In summary, trends are paramount to marketing without them companies and businesses wouldn’t be able to highlight the key differences in branding, product and values. The trends that are going to compel marketing and digital marketing in 2023 are similar to previous years while being vastly different to previous years with the growth of AI and Chat GPT  like never before and with it moving over to social media at a fast pace who knows where the trend may lead the future of digital marketing.

Beth Wright

Beth joined RedCore Digital in August 2022 as a content marketing executive. Beth works alongside our clients to design, develop & execute their content marketing strategies.