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What Is A Copywriter? 

A copywriter means creating text for the purpose of advertising or marketing, the purpose of a copywriter can vary based on the individual business or writer, originally what we know as copywriting has evolved from magazines and print to social media captions and SEO. Depending on the type of copywriter there are a few main reasons you may want to hire a copywriter. Copywriters create pieces of content that are aimed to demonstrate expertise, authority and advice or assistance for the reader. 

In today’s highly competitive digital landscape, the role of a copywriter has become more critical than ever before. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of what a copywriter is, their responsibilities, and the skills required to excel in this field.

  1. Creative Drive
  2. Ability to Keep The Audience Engaged
  3. Research Skills
  4. The Ability to Adapt & Change
  5. Eager to Learn

Why Copywriting Is Important In Online Marketing 

77% of online users read blogs, there are around 600 million blogs online of the 1.9 Million websites online worldwide. These statics show just how influential blog writing can be for the business and the influence it can have on the audience, depending on what a copywriter is writing for, the outcome can change. Writing for an Ecommerce business means influencing the audience to purchase a product, this can be done in a few ways whether it be through reviewing a product or reviewing multiple different product comparisons. 

Why Is Quality Copywriting Important In SEO?

Copywriting is an extremely influential component of SEO, it can help increase rankings by incorporating keywords, internal and external links into a comprehensive content marketin strategy. Copywriting services in SEO allow the business to demonstrate authority, expertise and authority through their copy. SEO uses a data driven approach to plan the best course of action to increase the conversion rate. Blog writing is one of the key fundamentals in increasing organic visiblity & climbing the SERP rankings. 

Here at RedCore Digital, we create blogs for a specific demographic that’s tailored to our business, our blogs are created to assist and help other Marketing professionals with Marketing and Digital Marketing tips, tricks and trends. Deciding on copywriting topics should be based on research and planning. 

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What Are Good Qualities Of A Copywriter

Copywriting is a skill that is perfected over time, although good writing can be a talent it doesn’t become a talent without work, here are some skills that can be harnessed and used to turn copywriting into a long, fulfilling career in digital marketing.

1. Creative Drive 

Creativity is one of the most important elements of being a copywriter, creativity allows you to create a compelling article on any topic. It’s important as a copywriter that you have your own unique voice and style that is portrayed through the writing, it helps the audience to perceive a real person behind the writing and connect with the writing and feel trust within the information they are reading. Creativity is the basis of every piece of writing that a copywriter produces without it every blog on the internet would come out similar. 

2. Ability To Keep The Audience Engaged 

Similarly to creativity, it’s important that the audience is engaged with the copywriter’s work ensuring that the audience reads the blog through to the end, engaging the audience can lead to recurring traffic to a business’s blog. As a copywriter reacting based on your audience is paramount, if a copywriter sees the audience has engaged with a specific piece of writing or a topic, if the conversion rate and traffic are high it’s important to ask why and take note of the differences from other blogs and the important similarities. 

3. Research Skills

A copywriter has to write a multitude of different topics and more often than not they need to do specific research on the topic beforehand if it’s an unfamiliar topic, It’s key that a copywriter understands the topic before writing, as most businesses have copywriters show authority, knowledge and expertise. Researching a topic can be a lengthy process and it takes dedication, gathering knowledge and fact to poor into a piece of writing is the longest most difficult task and some may struggle. Being a dedicated copywriter means no matter the topic you give it your all. 

4. The Ability To Adapt & Change

Copywriting can come with its own form of challenges, sometimes the clients may require tweaks and changes to better suit the business’s brand and tone of voice. Depending on the copywriters’ workplace they will work from a content brief meaning they have the basics of the writing mapped out beforehand, having a template to follow eases the pressure. Ensuring a copywriter has the ability to adapt is key to being successful at what they do. 

5. Eager To Learn

As a copywriter, it can take years to define your own unique voice. It’s important to have dedication and patience when beginning to work on a copywriter’s overall skill level, one of the most helpful skills a copywriter can pursue is the ability to want to learn and strive from their mistakes and learn through their writing. Learning isn’t a simple journey; it takes dedication and resilience to understand that it takes time to perfect. Copywriting can be a fun and rewarding job and can come with many benefits, no matter how much of a challenge it can be it’s important not to give up and keep working until you’ve found a voice. 

The Benefits Of A Good Copywriter 

1. Influence Consumer Behaviour

One of the main tasks of a copywriter is to attempt to engage the audience and fulfil the outcome whether that be to purchase a product or service. Consumers may sometimes put a wall up between them and the call to action as marketing is everywhere, becoming desensitised to digital marketing can sometimes be an issue with consumers and copywriters, if a copywriter has a good tone of voice and a great writing style then they can avoid that roadblock that’s why defining skills as a copywriter is important. 

2. Ability To Write Different Content Types 

The ability to adapt to different content types and create compelling pieces of writing whether there is a passion for the subject or not, staying neutral and writing regardless of the subject. The ability to write different content types is key to becoming a great and influential writer and is an ability not everyone can perfect. Digital Marketing is an ever-changing field and as a copywriter, it’s important to adapt to it. 

3.  Shows Authority & Professionalism

One of the main reasons businesses invest in copywriters is to show the audience they have authority. Remaining professional when creating a specific voice and brand for a business is important, professionalism is one of the key elements a business wants to portray. professionalism will allow the business to be a trusted source of information and the audience will be returning readers of a business’s blog. 

4. Build A Brand & Tone Of Voice

Each copywriter should build their own tone of voice to differentiate between each individual, being able to read a piece of writing and identify the writer is an extraordinary thing, defining the way a copywriter creates their copy is something, employees will search for, showcasing your ability to adapt to new possibilities while keeping the desired tone is an important skill in itself. Most Digital Marketing businesses will likely have defined their town of voice while creating the business so it’s important to ensure you can keep your individuality while in-keeping with the flow of the business. 


To summarise; being a copywriter is a job for the creative and passionate, although it takes a specific set of skills to become a successful copywriter they are skills that can be taught with dedication and time. Copywriting is an industry that is always evolving and adapting so it’s important as a copywriter that you can keep up with the fast-paced industry. Employing a copywriter for a business could be the edge needed to stand out, grow authority and be a trusted choice of information for many. The benefits of copywriting are scaling what we ever thought possible with around 6 million blogs online worldwide.

Beth Wright

Beth joined RedCore Digital in August 2022 as a content marketing executive. Beth works alongside our clients to design, develop & execute their content marketing strategies.